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Jeni Lyn Smagacz, M.Ed. 
A Note from our Director:
It is my privilege to welcome you to Allendale Children’s Center. I am blessed that you have chosen our preschool for your child’s social-emotional and academic needs. Educating and caring for young children is my greatest passion in life and I fully believe that God has chosen this path for me and is watching over our center everyday to ensure that your children are safe, loved, and well-cared for.

Today, school starts before Kindergarten and it is our job to begin to prepare children for a love of life-long learning and social-emotional success. We believe our programs will aid in this preparation and we are so proud to offer four year old students, free voluntary pre-kindergarten (VPK). 

Our staff are true educators and possess an innate love for children as most of us are parents ourselves. I look forward to cultivating great professional relationships with all of you so please do not hesitate to contact or come see me if I can be of help to you and your family.  

In God’s Love, 
Jeni Lyn Smagacz (Ms. Jeni)

Master of Education, Special Education
Master of Education, Early Childhood Education
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

Our Vision & Program:
Allendale Children’s Center is committed to providing learning experiences for each child in preparation for long-term social-emotional success and school readiness. Our goal is to provide a learning environment that supports children to develop the strengths and skills necessary for them to construct their own knowledge and prepare them for their next school environment.

Guided by high expectations and emergent learning, our preschool staff will provide students with a broad range of educational opportunities for an early start at school success. We strive to develop cognitive skills as well as provide experiences that enrich each child's social-emotional, spiritual, physical, and creative abilities.

Children will be in a learning environment in which they can solve problems and express their feelings through words, actions, art and other creative areas. Children will be exposed to different cultural experiences as well as the love of God, which is modeled and encouraged by our staff.

Allendale Children’s Center proudly uses the Pyramid Model to support children's social-emotional skills.

The foundation of the Pyramid Model includes nurturing and responsive relationships between teacher and student, as well as, high quality supportive environments that include: written and pictorial classroom expectations, daily schedules, appropriate behavior cue cards and scripted stories.  

For more information on Program-Wide Positive Behavior Support & the Pyramid Model, please go to:

Parents are an integral part of the educational process and we encourage regular communication with our staff through the use of the app Class Dojo.

Students will enter kindergarten with the necessary skills to promote lifelong learning and social-emotional competence.